America's #1 Authentic Motown Revue Band

Without a doubt, The Motown Sound has left an indelible stamp on the heart, soul and mind of several generations of fans world wide. Over the years many of the artist and writers responsible for bringing to the world this incredible body of work has passed on. The music however, lives on through movies, radio, television commercials, collectible CD's, dance halls, weddings and karaoke clubs. It's not just the songs but the memories associated with them that have forever imprinted the Motown Sound in the hearts and souls of music fans. Without even consciously realizing it, we all know every lyric, melody and instrumental phrases associated with the songs. So much so that if a live band plays the songs and leaves out any of these memorable licks, we know it and subconsciously add it in ourselves.

That brings us to Paul Korman and his visionary quest to create the ultimate Motown tribute band. He has put together an amazing array of seasoned musicians and singers that he's either played with or wanted to play with over the years. Together they have become Dr. K's Motown Revue. This outstanding band of musicians and signers takes you on ea very realistic journey of the Motown sound, and makes you want to sing along on every familiar song they play. They have kept the Motown sound true to its roots and each and every performance they do transports you back to another era . . . what a ride! Every audience both young and not so young can't help dancing to that Motown beat, often leaving at the end of the night asking where can they see and hear the band next. Their appeal in large part is attributable to the perfect blend of the Motown era costumes worn and the outstanding group of singers who compliment this latter day "Funk Brothers" type band of musicians. Each singer is quite capable of fronting any band as a soloist and the combination of singers is more than enough to deliver authentically the vocal sound of the Motown roster of artists from that time. The result is a powerhouse performance that adds not only to their reputation but to the reputation of any venue that books them.

"Dr. K's Motown Revue is the most authentic Motown band since the original Funk Bros . . . It is a great treat for me to perform with them."
      - Alan Slutsky, consummate musician, composer, and author of the hit movie "Standing In The Shadows of Motown."

"The Motown Revue is one of the greatest shows we've ever had in our theater."
       - William Quigley, owner, Sellersville theater, Sellersville, Pa.

"Dr. K's Motown Revue has you relive the 1960's era with each song."
       - Chris Zahn, talent buyer, B.B. King's New York City.

"Dr K's Motown Revue had us dancing all night to the Motown hits."
       - Marc Anthony, United Nations

"Dr. K's Motown Revue always puts on the most exciting show each season."
       - Rob Bleath, talent buyer, Jones Beach Bandshell

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phone: 516-495-4109

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